Guerillas Sighted In Southwold

What is it?
Revolutionary alternative alternative internet cricket commentary service
Why is it?
To reach the parts other cricket commentary services fail to reach and provide community care to its broadcasters
Who’s it for?
Those disenfranchised by existing Establishment cricket commentaries
What’s it like?
Irreverant, irrelevant, interactive. Any similarity to any previous internet cricket commentaries is purely coincidental
Who Is It?
Comrades Aatif, Bear, Chris 1209, Ditch, Gary, Hendo, Katie, Manny, Ralphy, Sherwood, and a legion of surprise guests
Who Isn’t It?
Athers, Aggers, Blowers, Tuffers and Mbangwas and anyone else ending in ers
Where is it?
You can listen and watch us here, find us on Tunein radio by searching for and hence listen to us on the move on your smart phone via their App, you can download this from any App store (Apple or Android) or watch us on
When is it?
From 10.45am till close of play throughout the England v India Pataudi Trophy Series and one-day international series
Most likely to say:
“Switch-hit, bollocks, out!”
Least likely to say:
“That cloud formation looks like a Turner painting”
Che Guevara, Ravi Bopara, John Arlott (although some members are thought to have been heavily influenced by the early writings of Jim Foat)
No surrender to the ECB
How much does it cost?
Like the NHS, free at the point of delivery (although charitable donations and sponsorship from big business are welcomed - we're not that revolutionary!)
Broadcast Schedule
England v New Zealand 2015
2nd Test Headingley, Leeds
29th May to 2nd June 2015
Start Time 11:00 AM
On air 15 minutes prior to start time.

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